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Cashmere & Wool Wash

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This fine wash treats the cell structure of natural fabrics gently. It is specially adapted to be used on such materials as wool, silk, mohair, down and cashmere. It does not irritate and is ideal for hand-washing. It is also suitable for machine wash in 30 degrees.

Please note that this product is discounted as the best-before date has expired. We would like to emphasize that we are careful to never sell a defected product and according to our producer, this product should be usable even 3 years after its best-before date (2022-09-24).

Cashmere is a fragile material and therefore we recommend that you do not wash it more often than every fourth use. In between, it is enough to just vent the garment in fresh air .

It is ok to wash cashmere in a washing machine, use the wool programe with short wash, never more than 30 degrees. Do not centrifuge the garment. In order to protect the garment as much as possible it is best to use a special wool detergent without alkali and a laundry bag. Remember to never use fabric softener.


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